IT Services

The Sim Arabia IP Phone portfolio includes an impressive range of user-friendly, full-featured VoIP and HD video phones that can meet the needs of your entire organization, including:

  • The company lobby to the desk of your busiest managers
  • The hospital, retail or manufacturing floor to the executive suite
  • The home office
  • The campus mobile worker
  • A branch-office site to a corporate headquarters



Sim Arabia can help you form real connections with the added element of high quality visual interaction, an essential tool often missing in the lower-grade video conferencing solutions. Much of what you want to say is conveyed in the way that you say it. It is not just your voice, but your body language, the way you move your hands, the intensity of your movements. Video calls are initiated simply and are delivered with assured Quality of Service (QoS) in standard or high- definition, ensuring the best picture quality without degradation. Organisations can choose a customized solution either as a premise-based deployment, a completely managed service or as part of Sim Arabia cloud platform, delivering integrated hosted voice, video and applications.


Network Wireless Communicatin System offers the most innovatie network infrastructure solutions that enabling you to deliver ultra-high speed connectiity between distributed sites and centralized points. Wireless technology not only provides another approach to solve existig challenges, it can deliver new capabilitis not possible or practial with other methods. Wireless intercom systems offer the convenience of untethered communication for mobile users, while providing the power, flxibility and audio quality of wired systems. Clear-Com provides the broadest range of wireless intercom systems for professional users who require a standalone wireless system or an integrated wireless solution to meet virtually any technical requirement, budget, and/or environments.


Sim Arabia Info Tech's IT Staf Augmentatin service is perfect for these occasions and more. We'll help

  • IT consultants
  • Net Developers
  • IBM DataStage
  • Oracle PL/SQL
  • SharePoint Developers
  • IT Project Managers
  • Windows Administrators
  • Unix Administrator
  • Business Analysts
  • Network Administrator
  • Database Administrator

Sim Arabia Info Tech's established processes, proprietary methodologies, proven IT development model and rigid Quality Management Systems reduce development cost, reduce tie to market and guarantee utmost quality and cost-effctie solutins to our clients. Sim Arabia's Applicatin

Development Services includes:

  • Product Development
  • Customized Development
  • New Applicatin Development
  • Rapid Applicatin Development
  • Testig
  • Portig
  • Base Technology Enhancement Code
  • Perfection Product Sustenance
  • Product Help Desk or Support


Sim Arabia Info Tech provides a blended approach to implementig softare packages, including technology, methodology, and project management. We build strategic solutins that address our clients' specifi needs, provide them inherent value and ensure that their solution aligns to their business goals. We will ensure you the following during our softare applicatin implementation

  • Increase the speed of implementatin with installatin support and guidance
  • Educate and train your whole organizatin Seamlessly integrate new applicatins with existig systems Get reliable guidance throughout implementatin and rollout phases
  • Align teams and departments with Solutin Defiitin Workshops
  • Enhancements and bug fiing Service packs release and patch tracking
  • Forward/backward portig to merge enhancements with the core product development efforts
  • Coordinatin with development teams for future releases Managing SLA programs
  • Providing Tier 2/Tier 1 support to end customers Providing scriptig assistance
  • Providing assistance during customer migrations to new releases
  • Providing documentatin of known solutins for inclusion in knowledge repository
  • Conductig performance testig of customer situatins Handling support for multile customer versions, including multilingual versions